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In an age where digital and technological advancement is rising and the internet being one of its major aspects, the need for accessibility and file security has been a major concern, IcerBox  offers features that make it one of the most sought after file hosting sites in Scotland and major parts of Europe. IcerBox Premium with its remote back up capacity and highly developed secure server systems and faster file upload and download guarantee its users the ease of mind and hassle free file management while maintaining the safety and security of their photos, videos, documents and any digital contents the user needs to access. whenever and wherever as long as they are connected to the Internet.

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What is IcerBox?

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IcerBox Premium is a cloud-based online storage service that focuses on giving its users a simple and convenient solution for sharing and organizing files and digital content with higher data limit, faster connections, secure cloud based storage and several other notable features. IcerBox Premium offers premium features such as multi task upload and download, unlimited download speed and back up feature. It also allows users to access their own files and data through multiple platforms.

IcerBox Can Contribute A Lot To Your Business

Whether your business is small or large securing your data is an important factor that keeps it running. Data loss can cost you a lot of money. Nowadays, businesses depend on online data backup or cloud data storage services. Furthermore, businesses can reduce operating costs by using cloud data storage services. IcerBox offers businesses small or large the data security and accessibility that can keep up to your businesses’ data management needs.

Here’s how IcerBox Premium can contribute a lot to your business: 


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The primary reason of having your info backup is to salvage significant files if ever a system crash or hard drive failure happens. There should be extra data backups if the primary backups outcome in data alteration or hard drive collapse. This course of action is good to be done by using cloud storage. Extra backups are needed if natural or man-made disasters ever happen. Furthermore flood and fires can destroy computer devices and servers. Fortunately, we are in the age where cloud technology exist, where backing up of your data has less hassle  and more safer than ever was. One of the most noteworthy features of IcerBox is its back up system. It is perfect for users who need to switch between different devices like PC, phone or tablet. The platform guarantees users flawless access to their files across different devices. Not like the limit that free services place on users, IcerBox Premium initially grants their customers with at least 500GB on flexible monthly subscription. This gives you the freedom to stock up on your files on cloud and recover them later for your further use. This can potentially lessen the task of maintaining your files and data on your local drives by up to 60%, especially for those businesses that has a high priority on their data management.


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In the fast paced world  of business, having faster access to your files and data can mean a lot. Spending less time on retrieving your important files or digital content can guarantee a more efficient and reliable business operation. IcerBox initially grants its users up to 1 TB up to 4 TB bandwidth for IcerBox Premium users. This operates in such a way that with a IcerBox Premium account, the user’s IP address is directed to specialized server that has less data traffic  than the free account users. These servers are uniquely designed for faster and better performance, especially because there is less crowd. This faster access to your files and data can ensure to increase the reliability of your employees and quicker data exchange. Delay in retrieval of data or other information can lessen the productivity of your employees thus also can cost you money because of downtimes. IcerBox Premium ensures that its user makes the most of their time and money thus increasing the chance for your business to profit.


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If you intend on using file sharing technology you need to be sure that your personal data and other digital contents are safe and secure before you go in for a file hosting service online. File sharing is a very usual activity for many internet users, but file sharing also makes you vulnerable to malicious online threats including identity theft. Almost all of the time, users exchange personal data with people they know or deal business with. Also some file sharing services  expose your device information without you knowing it, allowing malicious users to view info that you might not have intended to share in the first place. The easiest way to guarantee the security of your personal data and files is to choose a file hosting service that ensure the safety of your files. IcerBox Premium guarantees its users the safety and security of their files through breakthrough technology in cloud based data storage. These data that you upload are managed by data centers to keep them safe and secure.

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Share files with colleagues

One of the pros of online file sharing  and storage is that it simplifies collaboration among the workplace. You can instantly access files, share information and steer clear of unneeded delays on your projects and ventures. Furthermore you can work from any location and share information in real  time with your friends and colleagues from any part of the globe. In this age, being in the location doesn’t have to be an obstacle for people to build workplace teamwork and perform reliably. They can always take part in their tasks even if they are not in the same workplace. This can greatly improve overall efficiency on a business organization.IcerBox Premium provides a number of tools to promote smooth collaboration between you and your workplace with its unlimited storage and a faster connection for faster file management and quicker access.

Some Noteworthy Features of IcerBox

Download and Upload your Files Faster

One thing that makes IcerBox a stand out is its notable speed in uploading and downloading files. With up to 4 TB bandwidth connection into the cloud with an IcerBox Premium account . Premium account users connections are directed to a specialized cloud server with less data traffic as opposed to the free account users that need to deal with dreadful data traffic. It practically lets you access your files faster and lessening the waiting time for downloading or uploading. IcerBox Premium also offers no limits on its download and  upload speed.

Download Your Files Simultaneously

Thanks to the IcerBox  Premium‘ s multiple download feature files and data are much easier to share and to retrieve. Actually, users  who has a premium account can easily retrieve their files simultaneously. Business owners or average persons potentially save a great deal of time, thanks to the multiple access to the cloud storage server. With just a few clicks files can be retrieved and shared with other peers in the workplace. Talk about a big clock saver.

Backup Your Files

 IcerBox can be used to backup all your essential data and files, and even your not so valuable ones too. Your files are stored safely and anonymously and are always accessible to you. If your  file is corrupted or gone, there is no need to panic when using the IcerBox Premium cloud storage. IcerBox computing providers are able to settle issues with damaged or lost files that have been stored, meaning  it will not only spare you from panicking, but it also saves a lot of money and time. Because files and data are shared via over the cloud storage system, there is no need for business owners to buy costly equipment and machines, which could have been used to share files. Reducing cost  is always a big gain for companies and businesses, the same is true even for an average person who is meaning to share files and data with others via their devices or home computer.

Access Your Files using Multiple Platforms and Devices

Data accessibility  can play a major part in business operations. Whether you are in your office or offsite sending and sharing files and data to your colleagues is a vital point in operations. IcerBox Premium lets you access your files across any of your devices. It doesn’t  matter if you are using Windows, Android or iOS, this IcerBox Premium got  you covered. It doesn’t matter which platforms you use – IcerBox Premium can accomplish all your  file and data uploading and downloading needs. You can access the cloud based storage and all your downloads, through all common browsers, giving you the free reign  to retrieve the data and files that you need. People on the go can also benefit from this seamless feature. Vloggers, photographers and the like can use the cloud based storage to store their files and access them later for editing and finalization and other purposes. Sharing and storing photos, videos and other files and digital contents can be easily done with IcerBox Premium as long as you can connect to the Internet.

Free from Annoying Ads and Pop ups

Unlike the free account users, IcerBox Premium account users are guaranteed to use the serving without having the need for annoying pop ups and ads. Premium users can access their files. Free members who do not pay for a IcerBox Premium account will frequently receive ads, in order for the site to earn  income from their use.

High Storage Capacity

IcerBox Premium offers its users up to 1TB of storage. Its cloud based storage services come with a high storage capacity within the cloud. This basically means that you have the capability to continuously store your data and files into the cloud without needing to worry about storage  limits. This can lessen the use of external storage devices which not only have limited capacity but also needs to be constantly replaced just to accommodate the need to store more files. Basically IcerBox Premium can potentially reduce the cost for data management expenses. With storage services like IcerBox Premium , there is no need to spend large sums of money in large hard drives, an internal data server, and other related facilities and equipments. You do not also need to rent couriers to send and retrieve files to clients or peers at a different place.  Businesses center their attention with their investments and other pressing needs that will largely skyrocket your operations productivity and efficiency.

Upload Using URLs

IcerBox Premium account also let  direct uploads into your cloud storage using a URL link. It is contrary to the hassle task of uploading your  files into your personal computer then upload them into the storage server of your cloud account. This feature can also be used for files of different kinds ranging from website URls , torrent files and also FTP server files. This feature is distinct and even for most cloud storage services this feature is not available. This IcerBox Premium feature is hassle free, all you have to do is paste  the URL then your file will be downloaded directly into your IcerBox Premium cloud based storage account.

Choose the IcerBox Account that Fits your Needs

IcerBox Premium has 3 different types of accounts to choose from. The choices are flexible and it’s up to you to decide what type of account can fit your business.

Here are your choices:

Accounts Basic Medium Big
Period 30 days 90 days 180 days
Storage Limit 500 GB 750 GB 1 TB
Bandwidth 1 TB 2 TB 4 TB
Speed Max Speed Max Speed Max Speed
Ads No ads No ads No ads
Support Priority Priority Priority
Fee $17 $40 $70
Per Day $0.57 per day $0.44 per day $0.39 per day

Choosing the  Basic IcerBox Premium package seems very plausible at first but as business starts to grow so as the need for higher data and file storage. So in a more economic perspective the Big package can save you a lot of money in the long run. With having only to spend $0.39 a day you can save up to $30 in 3 months period.

Payment Methods

After choosing the account of your choice you will now proceed with the payment  screen. You can pay through a variety of ways to avail your IcerBox Premium account such as:

mastercard icon
paypal icon
reseller icon

Just follow the payment instructions and fill up the necessary information and you can now enjoy the storage service.

Final Thoughts

There are a large number of file hosting service out there. Choosing the right file hosting service that fits your business needs can be a challenging task as different file hosting services offer  a different approach to the needs of its customers. While data management is an integral part of business operations, you still cannot compromise your precious files and information by using the least secure and reliable file hosting service. My advice is that choose the file hosting service that can guarantee your files safety, let’s you access your own data at any time and one that service that can help you optimize your business operations by having features that can potentially save you your precious time and money. IcerBox Premium and its many intuitive features can help you achieve this by securing your files and ease of use.

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